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Finished Dolls Houses

Examples of externally decorated dolls houses

Willow Cottage (1:24 scale) -all the same house, but with different external decoration.
Dolls Houses supplied and decorated to order by Bromley Craft Products

Most dolls houses are sold in an un-decorated state ready to be finished by the new owner, but building, lighting and decorating a dolls house is a big job and very time consuming. Most people enjoy this part of the hobby as creating the finished decorated dolls house yourself can be very satisfying, but if you don't enjoy this type of work or you just don't have the time you can always pay someone else to do it for you or buy a dolls house that has already been finished and decoarated.

Example of an externally painted Dolls House

A Willow Cottage (1:24 scale) with basic painted finish

Finished decorated dolls houses vary greatly in quality and price and there are many different types of decoration and finish to choose from so it's a good idea to do as much research as possible before making a decision.

The cheapest option is probably a painted finish and many dolls house makers and dealers will be able to offer this option. The more authentic finishes can take a lot more time, skill and attention to detail and quality varies greatly from one maker to another as does the cost so it's best shop around before making a decision. To see a large choice of good quality finished houses it's probably best to visit the larger dolls house fairs where many of the top makers exhibit their work.


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