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Building and decorating a dolls house is a big job and will generally take many hours of work which is often spread over a numnber of weeks, months or even years in some cases. Before you get started on your dolls house project it's a good idea to do some research and planning so you can achieve the desired finished result and get the most enjoyment out of it.

Choice of Decoration
The first thing to decide is how you want to finished the dolls house to look and what materials you intend to use. Important factors to consider are the period and style of the dolls house, your budget and the amount of time you intend to spend on the project.

The simplest and cheapest option is a basic painted finish inside and out. This is ideal for a childs dolls house which is likely to get a lot of wear and tear and it can easily be repainted as and when necessary. The next step up is wallpaper which is still a relatively easy and cheap option and there are many designs to choose from for both interior and exterior use. For a more realistic dolls house the range of available decorative finishes is very extensive indeed. Some realistic dolls house finishes can be created relatively easily and for little cost, but others can prove to be very expensive and time consuming so it's a good idea to look into it carefully before making your decision.

Dolls House Lighting
It isn't essential to install dolls house lighting, but it can look very attractive and add an atmosphere of warmth and life. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to install lighting in a young childs dolls house, but in most other cases it should be seriously considered.

Planning Ahead
To make the task of building and decorating your dolls house as simple as possible and to ensure the best finished result it is a good idea to plan ahead to ensure the various parts are done in the correct order. For example it's generally it's a good idea to install the wiring for the dolls house lighting before decorating as the wires need to be laid under the floor coverings and behind the wallpaper etc. Also, it's usually much easier to paint the window frames and mouldings before installing them.

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