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Most people choose to buy their dolls house in kit form as they offer excellent value for money and there are hundreds of designs to choose from. Dolls house kits are generally very easy to assemble as all the parts are precision cut by machine so they can easily be slotted together and glued. Most dolls house kits can be assembled in minutes rather than hours although they do vary in complexity so it's a good idea to check what's involved before buying. Alternatively you can buy a ready assembled dolls house, but these tend to be slightly more expensive and there is less choice.

Before buying a dolls house kit it's a good idea to check what parts are included as they do vary. Some dolls house kits don't include basic things like chimneys, internal doors and stairs which have to be purchased separately so this should be taken into account when looking at the cost. Most dolls house kits do include these items, and some include extra items such as wiring, brassware, internal mouldings for skirting boards etc..

Although buying a dolls house kit does save a lot of the hard work of building from scratch you should be aware that it takes many hours of work to decorate and finish a dolls house inside and out. Also, depending on how you want to finish your dolls house you will need to purchase a lot of additional materials. Most people enjoy decorating their dolls house, but if it all sounds like a bit of a chore you can buy a ready decorated dolls house or pay someone else to decorate it for you - many dolls house suppliers offer a building and decorating service.

Dolls House KitDecorated Dolls House
Example of a dolls house kit before
and after decorating
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